McCormick Flavour Forecast 2023 Recipe Challenge

We have our winners! Congratulations Students and schools!

Joint National Winner & NSW State Winner

Hornsby Girls High School, Team 3
Full Flavoured Fats: Fruit & Spice Butter Board
Everyday French: Ratatouille Shakshuka with Flatbread Beyond Heat: Tropical Summer Sunset Pizza

Joint National Winner & QLD State Winner

St John Fisher College, Sienna’s Sensations
Full Flavoured Fats: Zesty Sweet Butter and date loaf Minty Fresh Butter Mediterranean Cultured Butter Ancient Chickpea Crackers Dateloaf
Everyday French: Gazed Miso Eggplant
Beyond Heat: Spiced Pumpkin Ravioli

SA/NT State Winner

Sunrise Christian School, The Chicken Inc.
Full Flavoured Fats: Sweet & Savoury Herb breakfast butter board with homemade carriers
Everyday French: Ratatouille with Turkish Lamb Chops
Beyond Heat: Potato & Mushroom Viet Cajun spiced pizza with pickled salad.

WA State Winner

Geraldton Grammar School, The Fab Four
Full Flavoured Fats: Cinnamon, Salted and Avocado Butters with Pancakes and Toasted Flatbreads Everyday French (Highly Commended) : Confit Duck Tacos
Beyond Heat: Beyond Heat Pizza with Charred Vegetables

2023 Flavour Trends

Full Flavoured Fats

No longer misunderstood, consumers and chefs alike are now using fat, from butters to oils, to impart mouth-watering flavour and creaminess into everyday dishes and drinks, which offer a simple,comforting richness to the kitchen and a more balanced approach to eating.

Everyday French

Grounded in the techniques and ingredients of French cooking, but democratised for today’s kitchen, French cuisine has never been more approachable while using the best ingredients and culinary techniques to build a harmony of flavours and lay the foundations for food and beverage to come.

Beyond Heat

We’ve witnessed an exciting evolution to this new, multi-sensorial, layered taste experience that pushes beyond the singularly spicy realm where heat and ingredient pairings come together to shape how heat is perceived and how long it lingers and finishes.

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