McCormick Flavour Forecast 2022 Recipe Challenge

2022 Flavour Trends

The HEIA/McCormick Flavour Forecast Challenge is back in 2022, and we are pleased to release the brief early to assist with your planning.

Recipe Challenge Design Brief

The challenge opens on 1st Feb 2022 and runs through to 21st October 2022.  Aptly named ‘Looking Back To Look Forward’, the Challenge will look back at how past and present flavour trends intersect to shape tomorrow’s tastes.  The four trends students can choose from are:


No travel? No problem. As the desire for hyper-local tastes increases, Flavour Forecast continues to deliver global flavour to you in the comfort of your own home. Over the years we’ve highlighted seasonings, sauces and ingredients that help you get a taste of the world.

Sweet & Seasonal Satisfaction

The tongue-tingling effect of smoked spices and herbs is an easy way to dial up richness in meals and drinks. This build on familiar smoky flavours that have been hiding in plain sight for years – like smoked cinnamon and cardamom- is a natural progression in offering the next wave of smokeforward flavour.

Spicy (r)evolution

Bring on the heat. When it comes to the history of Flavour Forecast, there’s never been a shortage of bold and spicy profiles. Consumers crave it – from mild to knock your socks off heat. Buckle in as we explore the sensory experience and enjoyment that both heat and spice bring to the table.

Empowered eating and Drinking

In our consistent pursuit of what’s next, health and wellness have always been top-of-mind in our Flavour Forecast. Lifestyle and food are more intertwined than ever before, and there’s a great realisation that flavour doesn’t need to be compromised to meet nutritional needs. In short, wellness has never tasted (or looked) so good.

Additional resources will be released by 1st Feb 2022, and there will be a webinar to assists teachers in the new year.  However for now, we encourage you to consider including the 2022 HEIA/McCormick Flavour Forecast Challenge into your planning.  Now in its 10th year, teachers, and students, have found it to be a rewarding, challenging and exciting way to explore flavours and ingredients, using a real life industry report.
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