McCormick Flavour Forecast 2022 Recipe Challenge

McCormick HEIA Flavour Forecast 2022 Winners

2022 Flavour Trends

Spicy (r)evolution

Create a plant-based burger that contains one type of legume, with an accompanying colourful sauce/ condiment/salsa.  The accompanying sauce/condiment/salsa must use two types of chillies and one type of citrus fruit.

Empowered eating and drinking

Create a savoury dish that can be served as a main meal.  It must contain flaxseed, one ancient grain and another ingredient high in protein. Charring must be featured as a cooking technique.

Global Finds

Create a sweet or savoury dish that heroes a dukkah blend. The dish must use skewers and incorporate two root vegetables OR two tropical fruits OR a combination of one root vegetable and one tropical fruit.  The dish must also incorporate home-made flat bread and use grilling and toasting as cooking techniques.

Sweet & Seasonal Satisfaction

Create a breakfast dish that uses at least one smoked spice or herb (the smoking of the spice or herbs needs to be done by the students). The dish can be sweet or savoury but must be high in fibre, and use a dairy alternative.

Look at the Challenge resources for 2022

Included in the resources are:
  • three videos with information to support the challenge
  • the design brief and handy recipes
  • several fact sheets to support students entering the challenge 

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