What is HEIA?

The Home Economics Institute of Australia is the peak professional body for home economics professionals in Australia.

The mission of the Institute is to enhance the professionalism and political legitimation of Australian home economists.

HEIA represents the interests of home economists working in education, industry, community services, consumer affairs and family and household management. The Institute was established to:

  • provide a national focus for home economics and home economists
  • promote public recognition of the role of home economists
  • set professional standards for the practice of home economics and promote the professional standing of home economists
  • encourage and assist home economists with continuing education and professional development
  • encourage, initiate and coordinate research into areas related to home economics
  • cooperate and affiliate with bodies at a state, national and international level, concerned with the education and advocacy for families and households in their everyday living.

The mission of the home economics profession in Australia is to educate, inform, and to act as an advocate to government, industry and the community for families and households, so that individuals can make informed choices in order to enhance their everyday living.


The Home Economics Institute of Australia was incorporated on 8 March 1994 under the Victorian ‘Associations Incorporation Act 1981’. Registered number for HEIA Incorporated: A0029066A.

ABN and GST registration

HEIA is registered for GST with the Australian Taxation Office.
ABN for HEIA Incorporated: 89 610 419 939.

HEIA’s governance is informed by the HEIA Constitution. Under the constitution, HEIA’s objects are to promote and advance the role and practice of home economics. This is done through the various national standing committees, and through the eight divisions.

HEIA’s greatest enduring strength is our ability to engage the diversity of knowledge, experience and interests of our volunteer members across Australia. The Strategic Plan 2021-2024 is intended to provide guidance for those groups and individuals involved in the operation of HEIA, and ensure we do not lose sight of the required functions that will sustain the relevance and achievements of home economics professionals and HEIA well into the future.

The three strategic priorities outlined in the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan are:

  1. professional success
  2. public recognition and professional standing
  3. sustainability of HEIA.

These priorities are outlined in detail in the strategic plan, with accompanying objectives and broad goals. The success of this strategic plan will be measured though an evaluation process at the end of the three year period.


The Institute holds membership in, and affiliations with, other professional organisations closely allied to the work and goals of the Institute. For example, the Institute is a member of the: