Careers and Professions

What is a person called who works in the field of home economics?

  • Home economist
  • Home economics teacher 

What do they do?

People working in the field of home economics educate, take action and advocate to government, industry and the community in order to enhance the well-being of individuals and families, especially as it relates to food and nutrition, living environments and textiles.

At one level, the focus of the work is to enable individuals and families to make informed and ethical decisions in order to enhance their everyday living. At another level, the focus of the work is on policies and practices that support individual and family wellbeing.

Home economics professionals work in community health, in industry and as teachers in high schools. Home economics professionals may specialise in, for example, families, food management, health and nutrition, resource management, consumerism, child care, aged care, textiles and housing. Home economics professionals perform a variety of tasks dependent on the setting and the area of specialisation.

Home economists may have expertise in one or more of the following:

Home economists who specialise in a particular field may be called:

Traits of home economics professionals

Working in industry:

Working in community health:

Home economics teaching

Teachers of home economics/ design and technology/ health/ food and nutrition/ hospitality/ early childhood might perform the following tasks:

Provide opportunities for students to understand and shape preferred solutions to a range of challenges in their personal, family, community and work roles. For example, they may develop and implement learning experiences that enable students to learn how to: