HEIA Awards

The Home Economics profession, and HEIA divisions are enriched by the services of passionate and committed individuals. Nominate these members to be acknowledged for their contributions through an award process as outlined below.

Nominate members for a special award using the criteria below. The guidelines for the award and the nomination forms are found on the member area of the website.


Members who have made an outstanding contribution, at a national and/or divisional level, to HEIA Inc. or to the home economics profession. This is the highest award given by the Institute.

Leadership awards:

Members who have demonstrated significant leadership at a national level to HEIA Inc. or to the field of home economics through one or more significant projects, processes or events.

Service awards:

Members who have provided effective service to HEIA Inc. at a national or divisional level over an extended period of time, typically for work on one or more committees, including divisional management committees.