King and Amy O’Malley Trust Scholarships

King & Amy O'Malley Trust scholarships

In the firm belief that Australian family life must be strengthened and supported for the sake of the nation, King and Amy O’Malley directed that the capital and accumulated interest from their estates be used to establish the King and Amy O’Malley Trust Fund and specified that the monies from the Fund be used to provide financial assistance to those undertaking studies in Home Economics. In time, this field of study was extended to include equivalent or related programs such as Consumer Science, Family and Consumer Studies, Food and Nutrition and teacher education. 

The King & Amy O’Malley Trust Fund awards annual, Australia-wide undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to students enrolled, or applying for, these tertiary programs.

The Trust awards four different levels of scholarships:

Further details about the application process, which includes selection criteria and application forms, can be found on the King & Amy O’Malley Trust website. Scholarship application are due on the last Friday of July each year.