World Home Economics Day

Since March 21, 1982 IFHE has continued to recognise March 21 each year as World Home Economics Day (WHED). The purpose of the day is to publicise and promote IFHE and the Home Economics Profession.

Since 2002 a specific theme has been identified for World Home Economics Day. This occasion is a brilliant opportunity for each member, member organisation or professional Home Economist to hold an event or special activity.

In the last years World Home Economics Day gained more and more attention worldwide. To highlight the theme IFHE publishes a Press Release in September each year. Based on this background information Home Economics Professionals prepare the celebrations of World Home Economics Day in the different regions of the world. Additional topics of high relevance to the professionals in the countries or regions can be pointed out during the celebrations.

IFHE has received a raising number of creative activities related to the theme. We appreciate to share the reports as well as the IFHE Press Releases on the pages of the website.

World Home Economics Day 2020

Theme: Housing the Disposessed

Millions of people worldwide are homeless and lack access to adequate housing. Reasons for homelessness are  mryiad, ranging from man-made to natural disasters. A person without housing is highly at risk of suffering from poverty, hunger, poor health, lack of access to education, clean water and sanitation. By addressing those challenges and “making home” for those dispossessed, Home Economics can contribute to make improvements in several SDG areas.

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