HEIA 2020 Recipe Challenge

HEIA launches 2020 Flavour Forecast® recipe challenge with a difference

In 2020, McCormick, a global leader in flavour, revealed it’s jumpstarting a year-round, always-on flavour news approach to its nearly 20-year-old annual report. Flavour Forecast, which has always highlighted fresh flavour insights and inspiration from around the globe, will now convene in real time an evolving flavour conversation through podcasts, a video series, Instagram, and Pinterest.
The McCormick® Flavour Forecast® platform is the destination for people everywhere who are passionate about knowing the latest in flavour—at restaurants, on retail shelves, in home kitchens and beyond. Flavour Forecast will feature quarterly, in-depth flavour topics and weekly inspirational ideas, plus share vibrant images and videos, educational podcasts, delicious recipes and insider content from a global community of experts, chefs, influencers and flavour forecasters.

The new, curated global platform is the place to discover what flavours are on the horizon, what everyone will be talking about, what we will be experimenting with and what flavours McCormick dares you to try now. McCormick invites everyone to join the conversation by following the @flavorforecast Instagram feed.

HEIA 2020 Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge with a difference

2020 has already been a year of challenge and this year the recipe challenge will continue with a difference. The difference is due to the pandemic of Covid19 and has been altered to reflect the strict rules in place across Australia. This year students will be able to select one of the two identified flavour trends and work with parents at home to design  one recipe from one trend. In participating, students will get to delve deep into one of the two flavour trends: Refresh, Replenish, Rehydrate OR Sauced & Spiced.

What’s involved?

One original recipe is required. This means your entry will have one recipe from one Trend. The criteria remain the same from previous years. The dish must serve two, must fall within a budget of $9 for the recipe.

Additional resources are available. Handy recipes, fact sheets on some of the more unusual ingredients and videos that provide some great background into the trends.

Please download the additional resources as the competition pack or contact heia@heia.com.au for instructions.

Entries close 16th October 2020


Student prize

The individual winning entry from each state/ territory (ACT/NSW, NT/SA, QLD, VIC/TAS, WA) will receive $50 gift card and a $50 McCormick hamper.


Participation certificates will be sent to all students who enter.