Nutrition-The inside Story:
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Nutrition—The inside story 3rd Edition has come to be regarded as an excellent text for students of food and nutrition, as well as making a great addition to the bookshelf for the health-conscious reader.
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ISBN: 978-0-9804861-3-1
Format: Book with access code
Language: English
Published: September 2020
Publisher: Home Economics Institute of Australia
Country of publication: Australia
Edition: 3
Number of pages: 356
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The comprehensive coverage of food and nutrition topics and issues is beautifully designed and illustrated. The new edition reflects recent developments in food and nutrition research, policy and technology, resulting in new material on, for example:
• the Australian Dietary Guidelines
• diet-related diseases and disorders
• Country of Origin labelling
• the Health Star Rating system
• food security
• biotechnology
• future foods
• digital marketing
• food waste
as well as the latest information on the impacts of nutrition on cancer, cardiovascular disease and the gut biome.

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