Resources – HEIA 2020 Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge Competition Information

Details on the HEIA 2020 Flavour Forecast Recipe Challenge are available here. The following resources are available to assist with your entry.


In 2020, the McCormick Global Flavour Forecast will be exploring new sauces, condiments and spice blends appearing on menus around the globe. Get ready to enhance dishes by adding these new delicious flavours and textures to your next meal.

Gunpowder Spice (Milagai Podi)

Its official name is Milagai Podi, which translates to chili powder. However, Gunpowder Spice is the name most commonly used by south Indian food fans. It’s a dry condiment made from smoothly ground roasted dal (lentils), sesame seeds, chilies, cumin, coriander, and other spices.
While its name implies it packs a punch, the heat level of Gunpowder Spice can vary from medium to spicy – depending on the number of chilies used.  Truly customizable, this spice blend can appear black, yellow, red or green,  as a result of which dal and spices are blended to create it – providing a nice pop of both flavor and color to your plate.
Originally used to season idlis (savory rice cake), dosas, rice and noodles, it’s now being discovered for how truly versatile it can be. Generously sprinkle this blend on any dish for an instant flavor boost.
*Also known by: Molaga Podi, Idli Podi Spice mix

Suya Spice

In recent years key African flavors like harissa, peri peri and berbere spice have gained attention, paving the path for Suya spice. Now, this craveable seasoning famous for the spicy meat skewers in West Africa, is popping up around the world.
Suya spice, generally made with ginger, hot chili powder and ground roasted peanuts, brings a nuttiness and medium heat level to the table. 

XO Sauce

Traditional XO sauce is a medium spicy seafood sauce that was developed in Hong Kong during the 1980s, and now is commonly used in southern Chinese regions and throughout Asia.  This umami-packed condiment is the whole package – savoury, smoky, sweet, spicy and salty – thanks to key ingredients like dried shrimp, cured ham, chilies, onion, oil and more.
The name “XO”, which stands for “extra old” like cognac, signifies its original purpose as a luxury flavor. Its unique, chunky texture is more like a relish or chutney, rather than a typical sauce.
We crave the new takes on XO sauce now appearing in street foods, fusion dishes mashed with other cuisines, and even vegetarian options.  XO sauce is poised to become a universal condiment.


Exploring icy treats crafted with creative deliciousness. The Flavour Forecast team has been tracking icy treats crafted with creative deliciousness and bold, concentrated flavours from fresh fruit syrups, bitters, sours and spices that guarantee they won’t get diluted as the ice melts.

Craft Cocktails on the lighter side

Give your craft cocktails the big chill and enjoy shaved ice drinks with all the flavor and experience, served up low or no-alcohol style. Bold, concentrated flavors from fresh fruit syrups, bitters, sours and spices guarantee they won’t get diluted as the ice melts. Sip, slurp, spoon and repeat.

A New Creamy Cool

Move over milkshakes. There are some new creamy creations in town – inspired by subtropical regions, like India and Thailand. Meet the buttermilk masala chaas drink, frozen kaffir lime pie and mango lassi bites with coconut cream. Featuring both dairy and plant-based ingredients, they’re the coolest delights around.

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