2021 Tertiary Flavour Forecast Challenge

Home Economics as a profession includes many career paths including secondary teaching, dietetics, food technologists and food science to name a few.

With a growing body of evidence showing a relationship between food skills and cooking confidence and an individual’s diet quality as well as the importance of culinary nutrition it is the ideal time for this challenge to have a tertiary extension that allows pre-service students in these professions an opportunity to participate in this culinary experience.

Being current with new flavour and food trends is important to remain relevant within these professions so we invite each of you to take up this challenge to create and experiment.

Select one flavour Trend that inspires you and begin creating.

NOTE: Students are not to include alcohol  in their recipes.

Best of luck to each participant.


Entries close at 5.00 pm 31 October, 2021

2021 Flavour Trends

In 2021 four flavour Trends have been identified. Tertiary students are being asked to address one of the Trends.

Humble Nosh - Approachable, nostalgic, global

Drawing inspiration from the Yiddish word -nashn, meaning “to nibble on,” we combine rising global flavours with universal food formats to ‘travel locally’ and taste new flavours comfortably.

Plants Pushing Boundaries - Indulgent, Satiating, sensational and playfuls

Flavourful vegetables, fruit and botanicals are pushed beyond their healthy halo into sweet and savoury food. This is what’s next in plant-based.